Устные темы

My Summer Holidays


My favourite holidays are summer holidays. You can spend a mouth or two in a village or go for walks in the forest picking flowers and mushrooms. You can spend some time at a tounst camp or stay at home which is not bad at all because you have an excellent opportunity to read detective and adventure books, to go to the cinema and watch TV.

And now a few words about my last summer holidays. In June I left Smolensk for Moscow. I stayed with my relatives during two weeks. My aunt, a teacher of geography, decided to show me the city and its places of interest. I wanted to see as much as I could. That's why we went sightseeing every day. I visited the Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Palace of Arms. I enjoyed my walk in Gorky Park. One can see a lot of open-air theatres, sports grounds, merry-go-rounds, children's playgrounds, cafes there. I rode on the swings, listened to open-air concerts and ate ice-cream. I had a very good time in Moscow.

In July I went to my grandparents who live in a small village in the Smolensk region.

I got up early in the morning had my breakfast and helped grandmother a bout the house. In the afternoon when it was hot I used to swim in the river or lie in the sun. In the evenings I played tennis or walked. On Sundays I went riding. I really enjoyed it. I have always liked horses, Grandfather taught me about saddles. It was easy to put the saddle on, but sometimes my horse was stubborn. My grandfather had to help me. I was not allowed to ride very far, but even a short ride was wonderful. I photographed everything that interested me – the village, the lake and the river, the forest and the valley, the horse and even birds.

I took my camera with me to Saint Petersburg, when Mother and I went there in August. On Saturday evening we arrived by bus in St.Petersburg. We were very tired. It is a long way from Smolensk via Moscow to St.Petersburg. But we felt better after a good meal. We didn't have much sleep the first night, we walked along the streets, the embankments, and the squares of the city. At night the city looked unreal and fantastic. The next morning our tourist group visited the Hermitage. We admired the building with its decorative ceilings, massive columns, wide staircases. Rich art collections of all the ages are exhibited in this museum. I spent hours gazing at the works by Raphael and Titian.




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